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Testimonials from Our Patients

"I recently was treated by Matt Miller at East West Acupuncture and wanted to share my experiences in hopes they might be helpful to others with similar issues. I am a practicing dentist in Lynchburg, and I have been bothered for almost ten years with severe headaches that often interfered with my work. I experienced anywhere from one to three severe headaches per week, lasting from several hours up to, more commonly, two to three days. I have a history of cervical disk problems and had surgery to deal with these ten years ago, with the onset of the headaches at about the same time. Since then, neurology work-ups were negative and I was told my headaches were a byproduct of the neck problems and the subsequent surgery.

"Matt recommended a program of acupuncture treatments along with an initial course of Chinese herbs. The results were almost immediate, with a very marked decrease in the severity and duration of the headaches. I am no longer taking the herbs, and the acupuncture treatments are spreading further apart. Currently, I have not experienced a significant headache in over a month and am thrilled with the results. I like to consider myself a very logical person and not prone to hysteria or placebo effects. I entered into this course of treatment somewhat skeptically at the urging of my wife, and after having tried just about everything else. It is wonderful now to be headache free and not to have to miss work or struggle through a day in severe pain. I am very grateful to Matt for his help and would urge anyone with problems such as mine, or other conditions amenable to this type of treatment, to consider acupuncture as a viable option."

Kyle Wheeler
Lynchburg, VA

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