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Testimonials from Our Patients

"At 75 years of age, I still enjoy playing sports, especially tennis, and working in our flower and vegetable garden. For several years I have suffered from pain and lack of movement in my right shoulder. While living at Smith Mountain Lake, I went to my family physician who sent me to a shoulder orthopedic surgeon in Roanoke, VA. After taking x-rays, the surgeon said that I had a “frozen shoulder” but that he would not operate on it.

"After moving to Lynchburg, VA, I went through the same scenario with the same diagnosis. Living in pain, especially at night, and unable to serve overhead and hit lobs in tennis, I sought other treatments. I had heard of acupuncture, but had ruled that out due to the thought of being stuck with 15 to 20 needles. After talking to many people who had either had treatments or known people that had, all with favorable results, I talked myself into trying acupuncture.

"I asked my chiropractor for a recommendation. She suggested the same person that I had chosen from the telephone directory, Matthew Miller. After the first treatment, I felt something happening in my body and I had a greater ability to raise my right arm. I have had 5 treatments and I certify a miracle has taken place.

"Fear of needles? Waste of time! They are so thin that you can’t feel them. The Chinese have been doing this for centuries with great results so why can’t we? I highly recommend Matthew Miller and his wife for acupuncture treatment. I now sleep all night without pain and can raise my arm without difficulty or pain."

Rev. Joe T. Lindsoe
Lynchburg, VA

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