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Testimonials from Our Patients

"In October 2003, I gave a ride to a friend of mine who was going to see Matt Miller for acupuncture treatment. I was very skeptical about acupuncture, but my friend seemed to get a lot of relief from her back and leg pain, so I decided to try it myself. I had been experiencing chronic neck pain for several years. Occasionally I had sudden shooting pains from my neck into my head, as well as a sensation of pins and needles radiating down my arm and into my fingers. I also had a long-term soreness in my lower back. Matt treated all of these areas. After the first treatment, the tingling in my hand seemed to increase, but my neck felt more relaxed and the lower back felt stronger. After the next couple treatments, I had no pain in the neck and my range of movement had improved dramatically. The tingling and numbness in the hand decreased and my lower back continued to do really well. Matt also taught me a series of stretches for my neck. Now, four months later, my neck is doing great. I have had no shooting pains to my head, something which happened at least a couple times a month before I started acupuncture treatment. The tingling in my hand is almost completely gone. It only comes occasionally when I lie on my arm in a certain way, and then only lasts for a second or two. My lower back is fine now and I was even able to shovel snow without pain or weakness. I am very impressed with the effectiveness of Matt Miller's acupuncture treatments and my skepticism is now gone along with my pain."

Jacob Hunt
Lynchburg, VA

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