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Testimonials from Our Patients

"I am 84 years old and come from France. In July 2003, after returning to Lynchburg from a trip to France, I was unable to sleep because of severe pain in my right leg and hip. This pain started whenever I lay or sit in any position for a long time. I came to see Matt Miller for acupuncture treatment in October 2003. After the first treatment, I began to notice that the hip was not hurting as much. The leg would still become numb when I lay down for a while. After the second treatment a week later, the pain in the hip was reduced and I slept very well. The numbness in my leg went down as well. Now it is four months later and my hip and leg are doing fantastic. I sleep well all through the night. I also used to have some arthritic pain in my fingers before beginning acupuncture treatment. Matt treated those as well and they are much less painful now. Thank you so much, Matt!"

Francine Stapley
Lynchburg, VA


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