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Testimonials from Our Patients

"This represents one individual’s testimony to the tremendous benefit received under Matt and Wang Yao Miller’s care. They have taken the time necessary to thoroughly discuss health concerns and to review responses to treatment. They have also placed the highest priority on quality of service, respect, and confidentiality. I highly recommend their services.

"Prior to my first session at East West Acupuncture, persistent congestion, sinus drainage, and throat irritation/coughing due to allergies had become acute; and medication was no longer helpful. A second problem was severe eye irritation and redness, for which I had become dependent on using a combination of prescription and over-the-counter medication 3 times per day. This condition had persisted for a year and a half, and I greatly desired to end my dependency on the drugs. I did not want to accept what my ophthalmologist had told me—that it probably wouldn’t get any better. At the time I was also experiencing ongoing puzzling and quite uncomfortable facial heat/redness that would cycle in severity throughout the day.

"Although these were the primary complaints that led me to seek assistance from herbal medicine and acupuncture, I had also noticed the recent emergence of a desire to smoke. I had smoked for a few years during the early 80’s, but not since then. This was curious and signaled a deeper level of imbalance, which I wanted to dispel quickly. A friend in another state had told me about the benefit she’d received from a Chinese woman trained in the use of herbs and acupuncture. I have tremendous respect for western medical practices, but also recognize the wisdom and practical value of traditional eastern medicine; and my friend’s experience encouraged me to look in the Lynchburg area for practitioners of traditional Chinese methods. I was pleased to discover East West Acupuncture, through which the Millers provide comprehensive care.

"I kept a log of my responses to 7 treatments received over a period of 2 months (see below). Most of the notes relate to the physical complaints mentioned above. Psychological impressions were noted in a few instances. For those not wanting to read the log, the ways in which I benefited from the treatments are summarized below.

"I experienced variable improvement that has stabilized as lasting improvement with regard to the following:

  • moderate to severe allergy symptoms (sinus congestion and drainage; throat irritation and coughing), as well as severe daily eye redness and irritation. I had been dependent on medication for both problems at the start of treatments. Now, 5 months later, I am totally off prescription medicine for both conditions and use over-the-counter eye drops only occasionally—mostly for lubrication rather than redness.
  • highly bothersome redness and heat in my face (a strange chronic vascular flaring that was neither rosacea nor “hot flashes”).
  • sense of well being. This was noticeable after the 1st treatment, but reached a point after the 4th treatment that made me stop in my tracks and take notice. I had never felt so fantastically comfortable inside my own skin in my entire life. At the time, I wondered if this is what a release of endorphins feels like. I indeed paused for a moment of silence.
  • strengthening in the inner sense of psychological balance so that both autonomy and attunement to environment were heightened.
  • improved memory

"Thanks to Matt and Wang Yao from a satisfied and grateful client."


3/31 – 1st Treatment Day: Sense of quiet strength and inner balance. Facial heat calmed down by 8 p.m. & remained so.

4/1 – While driving to work, felt an opening & expansion (like breathing!) in belly/solar plexus; sense of deeper calmness and strength continues.

4/2 – Sense of freshness, opening, sparkling, lightness, & clearing through and out lower back; felt generalization to whole body; however, facial redness/heat (r/h) increased somewhat.

4/3 – Facial r/h continued to increase.

4/4 – Reduced r/h; growing sense of calmness and clarity; allergies seemed relieved after midmorning walk through woods/wind; freshness and opening in heart area (energetic sense).

4/5 – Significant cooling of face; increased redness of right eye. Dreamed that calmness & stabilizing contraction (cooling of face in waking reality) extended to entire body and alleviated other conditions.

4/6 – Considerably decreased inflammatory response in face in a.m.

4/7 – 2nd Treatment Day: Moderate r/h in face triggered by sunlight through window in a.m., and by increased temperature in afternoon; by 8 p.m. was quiet. In meditation during afternoon session, experienced highly positive state—best characterized as heightened sense of presence in midst of randomness.

4/8 – Sense of symmetry, grounding, strength, calmness; physical sense was most significant due to contrast with previous physical condition, but also noted psychologically. Sense of freshness, lightness, sparkling around & above shoulders. Congestion & allergies relieved!

4/9 – Allergies greatly relieved; congestion down, and what remains is clear/colorless; r/h of face also down. Feel so much better.

4/10 – Creative mental focus up.

4/11 – Continued improved well being; creative mental focus/joy even stronger. Clearing & draining of head (clear/colorless now); lung congestion continues though. Toning & clarity, as if astringent but gentle cleansing process acting throughout body. Allergies & head congestion somewhat increased, however.

4/12 – Allergies & head congestion continue; adverse reaction to household cleaning solutions.

4/13 – 3rd Treatment Day: Facial r/h decreased in evening.

4/14 – Facial r/h reduced in evening; allergies relieved; drainage & congestion much reduced; throat less irritated. Went almost all day without eye medicine!

4/15 – Congestion continued to decrease, but throat moderately irritated; low level headache; increased energy level overall.

4/16 – Decreased need for eye medication continues; some fluctuation in facial r/h throughout day; low level headache. Throat irritation down; congestion & drainage much improved. Significantly higher energy level continues.

4/17 – Clear eyes in a.m. (a first!) Calm face and respiratory passages; only small amount of sinus drainage. Aware of a positive cumulative effect from the herbs.

4/18 – Small amount of sinus drainage in a.m. that tapered off quickly. Eyes much relieved; medication only once. Sense of total-body calmness.

4/19 – Only mild head & throat congestion this a.m. Noon—and still no eye medication!

4/20 – Facial r/h strongly reduced; eyes comfortable on waking, but both conditions worse in evening.

4/21 – 4th Treatment Day: Vivid memories of early childhood (how interesting). Wonderful sense of positive well being. Feel amazingly good! During the afternoon treatment session, had a sudden feeling of expansion, as if I were on the skin of a balloon being rapidly blown up, mostly on left side; shortly later, had similar experience involving primarily left arm. Next was impression of total body coolness and calm—a comfortable cold. Eye relief continues!

4/22 – Eyes relieved in a.m. Right eye redness slightly increased in p.m., but used medication only once. Congestion decreased; throat moderately irritated. Facial r/h abated even at night. Still feel amazingly good!

4/23 – Face calm. Eye medication used only once.

4/24 – No eye medication at all today! Throat much calmer. Sense of integration and balance in a total-body energy sense. Feel awesomely good (words not adequate to describe).

4/25 and 4/26 – Very comfortable eyes on waking! No eye medication these days. Face calm. Feel wonderful. Increased memory continues.

4/27 – Superb clarity & comfort in eyes on waking, but used medication X1 later that day. Throat irritation up. Face calm.

4/28 – 5th Treatment Day: Eye medication X1. Feel great overall. During session, felt a wash of sparkling lightness down right side as Matt unwrapped alcohol swipe (bodily memory of energy shift during session?). Treatment was very relaxing; felt stronger afterward.

4/29 – Eyes good on waking, but became irritated mid-morning. Eye medication X3. Facial r/h flared during 5 – 8 p.m., then abated along with increase in total-body well being.

4/30 – Eye medication X1.

5/1 through 5/3 – No eye medication all day. Feel good!

5/4 – Eye medication X1. Face calm. Throat improved; reduced irritation & coughing.

5/5 – 6th Treatment Day: No eye medication needed today. Throat strongly improved: no chronic irritation & coughing! During session, sense of quiet developed into impression of gentle undulations, as if I were a boat in small waves—very pleasant.

5/6 – Eye medication X1.

5/7 through 5/10 – No eye medication!! Also, face had remained calm since 4/29.

5/11 – Eye medication X1.

5/12 through 5/18 – Redness & irritation of eyes increased moderately; medication needed average of 1X/day. Face remained calm.

5/19 – 7th Treatment Day: Facial r/h increased. Eye medication X2. Session was deeply relaxing.

5/20 – Facial r/h quite improved. Sense of taste keener! Eye medication X1.

5/21 onward – Use of eye medication diminished to occasional.

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