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Testimonials from Our Patients

Dear Dr. Miller:

This letter is a testimonial to the successful results that your recent regimen of treatment had on my left knee. During the summer of my junior year in college I was struck by a vehicle, leaving my left knee unbroken but in a severely weakened and damaged state. Although the injury ended my ability to engage in competitive team sports, I was able to walk and run without pain or discomfort. However, flash forward four decades to the present. In January of this year, I began experiencing a debilitating use of my knee to an incapacitating extent. I began to think I would become dependent on the use of a cane or crutches and a state of intermittent discomfort and pain.

Without surgery, you were able to design and implement a two-month acupuncture treatment program that was painless and effective. My knee is like new and no longer acts up on long driving trips or when I get out of bed to start each day.

I thank you for your specialized skill and training that created this positive result in my life.

With kind regards,
Robert Bruce Johnson, JD


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