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Testimonials from Our Patients

"I'm a 41 year-old industrial construction and maintenance contractor who suffers from acute osteoarthritis in my right knee. I have dealt with minor knee pain since high school, but in the fall of 2005 I started suffering from what I was to learn was osteoarthritis. The pain was immense, keeping me up most nights, adversely affecting my ability to do my job and pretty much putting an end to racquetball and working out the local YMCA. I went to an orthopedist who was very helpful in teaching me about my ailment, but was able to do little in alleviating the pain. I received two steroid injections, the first helping for approximately 3 months, the second only helping for about 1 week. By the fall of 2006 I knew I had to find something that would help with the pain, because I was not dealing with it well at all! Then last November a co-worker gave me a recommendation from her massage therapist to try acupuncture. The funny thing was that I had read a couple of articles reporting that acupuncture was successfully being used to treat pain for osteoarthritis of the knees, and I had been considering giving it a try. Well, the co-worker's massage therapist even supplied her with a name to go along with the recommendation, Matt Miller of East West Acupuncture. I called to set-up my first appointment in December of last year and have been returning ever since. The results are incredible. The pain subsided within the first couple of treatments, and I am currently returning once a month, with no or very little pain in between treatments. The actual procedure is not painful, and as I have shared with Matt, I find the treatments completely relaxing. If you are suffering from knee pain, osteoarthritis and/or both, I encourage you to try the benefits of acupuncture. I'm thankful everyday that I did."

Mark Younkin
Altavista , Virginia

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