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Testimonials from Our Patients

Hello Dr. Miller:

First, I’d like to thank Dr. Miller and Dr. Yao for their expertise and professionalism in addition to providing a very welcoming atmosphere when you enter their office. Both exude a very approachable demeanor and care about their patients.

I began to see Dr. Miller primarily for massive headaches of which I was taking pills to control. I am happy to say that while I may have a headache every now and then, the intensity has been reduced greatly. It is no longer a debilitating event where I can’t really function at full capacity. I also now see him for allergies and it seems to be helping me in terms of minimum headaches as a result of the high pollen levels.

Dr. Miller also treats me for a few other nagging conditions with my knee and digestive system. Prior to starting the acupuncture, I had to get up a few times at night to walk around so that the blood flow would be sufficient. Since I started being treated for the condition, it has been remarkable how few times I’ve had to interrupt my sleep because my blood flow is not sufficient. I feel much better since starting acupuncture and would recommend it to those who have conditions and would like an alternative to a daily regimen of pills.

Thank you to such a fine person who sees you as a whole person and conversely treats you as a whole person.

Gerald Cheatham, Lynchburg

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