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Testimonials from Our Patients

Last October I developed a pain in my toes on my right foot which steadily became worse. I went to three doctors and tried various remedies and was diagnosed in April with Morton's Neuroma. At that point I was unable to walk on it without severe pain and was in "orthopedic" type shoes all the time. A cortisone shot temporarily stopped the pain, but it came back and I was told that the only "solution" would probably be to have surgery to remove the nerve. However, that would have left me with a "destabilized foot" and possible phantom pain. Instead of that I began treatments with Dr. Miller and, after five treatments, I am pain-free and back in my regular shoes! I also feel really good in general and I so grateful that this gentle, non-invasive and very affordable intervention has made such a difference in my condition. I highly recommend East West Acupuncture. Thank you all so much!

Jane Snider, LPC

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