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Weight Control

weight control

In China, you will see cities bustling with millions of people, and you may not see a single overweight adult.  Fat people are rare in China. Are the Chinese starving? Hardly. There's plenty of food, and the Chinese spend a lot of time preparing food, talking about food, and eating food. So what's the secret?

The Chinese attitude toward food is different from ours. For one thing, food is approached with the same emphasis on balance, moderation and health as Chinese medicine and Tai Chi. In China, there is a strong overlap between the ideas of "food" and "medicine." Many Chinese dishes feature the same herbs found in traditional medicinal herb formulas.By teh same token, amongst Chinese medicinal herbs may be found many herbs that we would consider "culinary" (e.g. cilantro, ginger, cinnamon, fennel seed, licorice, etc.) As everywhere in life, the Chinese see balance as the secret to health and happiness.

Weight control is not a matter of going on a crash diet, but of making healthy lifestyle changes. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help you make those changes by curbing the appetite, reducing overeating, calming cravings for sweets and fatty foods, and improving metabolism. At East West Acupuncture we have helped many people control their weight in a natural, safe, balanced manner.

Before & After

Before and after photos of one of our patients who
lost over 30 pounds with the help of Chinese herbs.