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Chinese Medicine and Immunity

Ancient Chinese practices offer many ways to strengthen the immune system

swine fluThe flu vaccine is the surest way to protect yourself from the flu, especially if you are in a high risk group. However, there are other active steps you can take to help build and maintain a healthy immune system. Some of the simplest but often overlooked measures include:

  • Get an appropriate amount of good quality sleep
  • Eat good foods including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Manage your stress levels

Here at East West Acupuncture we offer several age-old Chinese methods for boosting the immune system.

Chinese herbs: Studies have shown that many Chinese herbs have strong antiviral properties and can help to build up the immune system. Wang Yao, our herbalist, received her medical degree in China with a specialization in Chinese herbs. She evaluates each patient individually and can prescribe an herbal formula tailored to each person's specific situation.

Acupuncture: It has been shown that acupuncture can stimulate and balance the immune system. You can read more about the effects of acupuncture on specific and non-specific immunity here.

Tai Chi: This is a perfect way to manage stress levels and get exercise at the same time. Studies have shown that regular practice of Tai Chi both strengthens anti-viral immunity and, in combination with viral vaccines, actually increases the effectiveness of the vaccine. Read more here.

Acupuncturist Matt Miller discusses the immunity benefits of acupuncture on ABC-13 WSET News:

WSET interview
Acupuncturist Matt Miller
interviewed on ABC-13 WSET-News

Dhomonique Ricks
Dhomonique Ricks of ABC-13 receiving acupuncture at East West Acupuncture.

WSET-TV report on alternative methods for boosting immunity and helping prevent the flu. This report features interviews with Matt Miller of East West Acupuncture and Patric Sabin of Fresh Air Natural Foods.