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Respiratory and Immune System


Specific Immune Mechanisms

Studies have shown a tendency of acupuncture to regulate immunogloblin (IgG) and complement levels toward normal values (Iliev, Popov & Nicolov 1990; Iliev, Popov & Nicolov 1995). An experimental study with 70 healthy human subjects indicated that acupuncture regulated the level of salivary IgA in the short term by increasing levels that were low and reducing those that were raised (Yang et al 1989).

In one study, acupuncture increased spontaneous lymphocyte proliferation during the hours following the needling (Ding, Roath & Lewith 1983). In another study, the levels of ß-endorphin in the immune cells of patients with low back pain were found to be low before treatment; normal levels were restored after a course of seven treatments with acupuncture, although a single treatment was not sufficient. (Bianchi et al 1991). In a controlled trial of 69 patients with lung cancer, the acupuncture treatment group showed significant increase in CD4 and CD11 cells as well as a reduction in digestive, respiratory and mental symptoms. (Ouyang, Cao &Cao 1992)

A randomized controlled trial of 76 patients with lung, esophagus or stomach cancer receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy gave additional acupuncture treatment to one group. The acupuncture group had significantly smaller weight loss, as well as improvement of symptoms and increase in lymphocyte rosette formation. (Xia et al 1986)

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