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Respiratory and Immune System



There is a good deal of evidence for the effects of acupuncture on asthma patients (Berger & Nolte 1975, Takishima et al 1982, Virsik et al 1980, Luu et al 1985, Yu & Lee 1976, Jobst et al 1986, Tashkin et all 1977, Fung, Chow & So 1986) though there have been conflicting reports as well (Christensen et al 1984, Tandon & Soh 1989, Dias Subramanian & Lionel 1982). Acupuncture is rarely used as a complete alternative to conventional treatment but more often as an adjunct in both China and the West.

One study showed acupuncture to be beneficial for cancer-induced breathlessness (Filshie et al 1996). Fourteen out of 20 patients reported marked symptomatic benefits and there was statistically significant improvement in breathlessness scores, relaxation, anxiety and respiratory rate. The benefits compared favorably with current treatment.

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